Friday, August 14, 2009


Dialogue with Keren, PE advisor

August 14, 2009
Exchange – Floyd/Jenn + Keren Thompson
Triple Jump
Swiss Ball
What think of it
How she sees learning being facilitated
How she would improve it
Teaching collaboration
Risk: Difference in math vs. basketball
Assessment – Links to teaching
Select, combine ideas
Play/demonstrate reasonable skills, e.g. quote a few rules, refereeing their own games
Overall performance instead of specific skills
Demonstrating skills such as outwitting -> in football/netball OR windsurfing, depending what’s available
5 key points: - developing
- peer assessment
- … see (
2 on 2: making & applying decisions -> developing social skills
Risk: depends on physical activity: Track and field: disc: do what I say when I say it, because of health and safety. Contrast: football: more independent guidance
Guided exploration!


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