Thursday, August 13, 2009


Focusing the Research question

August 13, 2009
Exchange – Floyd/Jenn
Research Question
What is the role of design in supporting asynchronous kinaesthetic literacy with exertion interfaces. (fosters learning/ lends itself to learning)
Asynchronous kinaesthetic literacy with exertion interfaces.
• Exertion Framework (Floyd)
• PE Teacher: successful measures/learning outcomes
Key Mechanics
• Replay: recording and replaying back the movement (?); pre/post movement: we believe that the main reflection comes from replay – they reflect on the experience to learn about how to do movement better/faster/bigger etc.
• Non-parallel: “invasion or overlap” (opposite to Nike Plus) where activity happens in shared space so has the opportunity for invasion or overlapping - so in game, start to overlap the activity (jump into another person’s space)
• Collaborative: building on others’ exertion.
Key Elements
• Does knowing the risks bring the fear?
• (Body) Physical Risk: so how activity challenges body?
• (Mental) Fear: the cognitive side?
• Cognitive versus exertion
• Not about navigation
• Less about target of action/ more about pre/post movement (replay)
• Target is about game/ free movement is about play
• Using movement to achieve something / using movement for sake of movement
• Does kinaesthetic literacy reduce risk?
• Does kinaesthetic literacy reduce fear?
• Does kinaesthetic literacy help manage risk?


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