Monday, August 17, 2009


Learning about reps with exercise machines

Some say the speed and weight is important: do your reps as fast as possible to grow muscle. But keep speed constant
breaks down bodybuilding movements into 4 numbers: positive (weight up), pause, negative (down) (4th=?)
it’s about strength and power (speed vs intensity?)
recommends for slow reps (says you should vary between slow (explosive) and fast):
4 sec up, 4 down, 2 sec pause
higher rate of pushing weights means higher intensity
Acceleration Phase: The initial part of the movement, in which the weight is brought from a standing still to the target speed;
Constant Speed Phase: The part of the movement in which the weight is moved in a more or less constant speed (note that some speed training techniques omit this phase);
Deceleration Phase: The final part of the movement in which the weight is decelerated in order bring the weight to a stop at the required position while avoiding hyper-extension, -flexion or -rotation, depending on the case.
Also recommends constant acceleration (why?)
Using Super-Strict Form. You do not want any of the acceleration imparted to the load to originate from jerking or "cheating" movements. If you jerk, the initial part of the movement may be devoid of any tension on the working muscle - something you’ll dearly want to avoid.
Using Progressive Acceleration. Because the momentum that is generated when a mass is accelerated tends to reduce the load once acceleration stops, you should attempt to continue to accelerate the load throughout the movement. As long as the load is accelerated, more power is generated and the muscles are kept under tension. If you rely on the momentum generated during the initial part of the movement to "carry" you through the end of the movement, you are not placing the muscle under the constant tension necessary for best results. This also means that you should try not to apply maximal force right at the beginning of the movement, but rather increase it gradually over the course of the first third to one-half portion of the movement.
suggests deskercise websites.|category_root|Sports+and+leisure|14419152/c_2/2|cat_14419152|Home+gym+equipment|14419293/c_3/3|cat_14419293|Other+gym+equipment|14419296.htm
has exercise machines and multi-machines


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